Problem Solution forced concrete mixer

For the time forced concrete mixer encountered security incidents of failure, how quickly should a satisfactory solution, is a lot of concrete mixer operator wants to grasp and understand. Especially for new compulsory concrete mixer for. The following detailed accident forced mixer and methods, hoping to help new users understand forced mixer. In the compulsory concrete mixer equipment, Manufacturer of concrete pumps protective equipment problems constitute hijacking equipment operator safety. Electricity unsafe construction site, the appearance of the existence of leakage and electric shock. Construction workers forced mixer, the illegal operation constitute personal injury. Compulsory mixer common accidents, safety engineers began several tasks should be as follows: the whole story in the formation and compaction, machinery and equipment, is smooth and powerful forced mixer equipment. Various compulsory mixer should be unidirectional rotary stirring. Start work before compulsory mixer, insulation and ground inspection of electrical equipment abipty very well, pulley maintenance equipment is intact.

Compulsory concrete mixer feeding should start a test mission, is a mechanical task, normal feeding intermittently stirring halfway suddenly stirred, should first remove the material from the beginning to launch, no material in the hopper must be unloaded launched. Insurance hopper hook, the hook must hang down from the bucket. The operator can not start non-concrete mixer. So, when in operation forced concrete mixer must be in accordance with strict operating method for the specification, so as to better prevent concrete mixer malfunction, but also for concrete mixer operator, the master certain concrete mixer maintenance skills are also very helpful.

Characteristics of Concrete mixer

Today, according to the project requirements for concrete mixers, concrete mixers were more new development and use. Concrete mixer is one of them. So in the use of concrete mixers and concrete mixers have different? Depending on the operating point of the cycle mode of operation type and continuous operation two. Cycle feeder, stirring, three discharge process in accordance with a certain time interval period, that is, according to the mixing. Because mixed truck mounted concrete boom pumps concrete mixers of various materials have been accurately weighed, good mixing quality. Currently, we work in practice often use this type. The above three continuous process is a continuous length of cylindrical body. Although the operating cycle of the type of productivity is high, but because the proportion of materials, mixing time is difficult to control, mixing quality is poor. Currently less use. Depending on how stirring point decline in a mixed manner forced mixing of the two. Since the cement mixer concrete mixer in a rotating drum inside, with the rotating drum, the drum of the mixing blade up to a certain height, and then sieved by gravity free. Therefore, so far until blended. This concrete mixer is generally mixed plastics and semi-plastic concrete. Compulsory concrete mixer drum motionless inside the drum rotation axis load force stirring blade. This mixer mixing quality, high production efficiency, but power consumption and blade wear fast. Usually suitable for mixing dry concrete, road construction, compaction equipment, concrete mixers, steel processing equipment.