Important Note use WDB Series stabilized soil mixing station Important note:

User Please read before using WDB Series stabilized soil mixing station instructions carefully and strictly follow the instructions concerning the requirements to operate, repair and maintenance, paying particular attention to the following matters:

1, strictly enforce the security of the 8cbm cement mixer truck 226hp-375hp country and the area of ​​regulations, decrees, rules and regulations and so on. 2, regular lubrication points refueling, special attention by stirring the oil seal at the host. 3, according to the provisions of checking measurement accuracy of each scale, clean the sensors and connection. 4, always check the wear of the belt and, if necessary, should be replaced.

Stabilized soil mixing station installation 1, stabilized soil mixing station installed preparation:

Before installation, check the equipment again the appearance of quality, sets loose bolts, cracks at the weld, with or without oil spills, water, ash (agglomeration) and the like; for the whole of each assembly were carefully cleaned, repainted after cleaning , rust, renovation; required to prepare a variety of bolts, welding, iron, etc., prepare tools and safety supplies, to the use of more and more prepared several sets of tools, some may use pneumatic wrenches, and with timely oxygen cutting, welding equipment; planned arrival time of the crane.

2, stabilized soil mixing station mechanical part of the installation: Assembly members have identified the order of installation requirements, according to the order for installation; no installation sequence required for assembly, can be based on site conditions and flexible arrangements, if necessary, more than one face in the same time, pcm180 cement mixer 160l 180l 200l the installation should pay attention to between the device alignment and dimensional relationships of the sealing portion rigorous treatment to prevent leakage; tubing, channel tube press "start to finish" sequence in turn is connected, first move the tank or hanging dust, when necessary, to reduce cutting welding work. After the mechanical part of the installation, lightning protection measures in a timely manner; the recovered powder is no longer used, the implementation of emission treatment measures; concrete mixing plant for waste slurry acquisition focus.

ʱ?? 3, stabilized soil mixing station cable installation:

Before wiring, carefully check the cable is intact, without damage, breakage and short circuits, insulation and resistance power cable is in good condition, according to the device circuit wiring schematics operation, not just check the stitches record, the unauthorized tampering circuit; because Component changes should improve or circuit defect filing record; circuit to be far away from the oil and heat, the moist area and avoid circuit and oil alternately arranged, if crossed, should strictly do the oil seal; cable channel (groove) Location set safety warning signs and warning signs to prevent oil pollution, the various parts of the ground and wiring at the same time, and must be reliable, synchronized lighting circuits and machine circuit layout and installation; power cables can not just adding a metal casing to deutz engine concrete pump with hbt60-11rsd diesel cement mixer with pump prevent heat damage; control and Signal cables and power cables laid separately from the power cables laid after barrier with sand or line pipe (slots) arranged separate line covert attention and protection, good and beautiful clear a corner site with soft bedding, prevent mechanical vibration wear

ʱ?? ʱ??       

Circuit wiring carried out by four people together, are responsible for the operation and check the wiring check to prevent wrong connection, line joints must lug and pull tight to prevent the re-hanging, to prevent shedding.